CF34-3 (RJ) B-SUMP

Applicable Part Numbers: 6063T23G02, 6063T23G04, 6063T23G05, 6063T23G06, 4923T00G01

ATA: 72-41-15

StandardAero is now offering complete overhaul of the CF34-3A1/-3B B-Sump per engine manual section 72-41-15:

  • Clean, NDT, & Inspect
  • Repair 01 – Weld repair of sheet metal skin
  • Repair 05 – Bearing bores repair
  • Repair 011 – Forward Flange replacement by RD121-131-P2
  • Repair 012 – Braze joint crack repair
  • Note: Part is upgraded from the previous configuration of the CF34-3 B-sump to the latest G06 design by replacing the existing forward flange with an improved flange by repair 011 (RD121-131-P2). The new flange has increased radial thickness at target stress locations to extend the life of the part. The flange replacement and rebraze upgrades G02 through G05 configure to the current G06 equivalent.

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