The StandardAero Component Services One-Stop-Shop value proposition is rooted in productivity improvement and customer-focused innovation. A singular vision steers the company's operations: to be the industry leader who ultimately provides customer satisfaction. As a recognized leader in implementing the lean methodology, the SACS team eliminates process waste, fixating on shorter turn times, increased yield, lower manufacturing cost, and continuous improvement. The common denominator is operational excellence resulting in tremendous savings for SACS customers.

StandardAero Component Services manufactures critical turbine engine components to OEM specifications using specialized and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques. These engine component applications are found in most major aircraft worldwide and include the fan, compressor, combustor, and turbine modules, including blades, vanes, stators, bearings, rings, seals, and shrouds. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services: full OEM builds to print and material management and kitting solutions.