CF34-8E Front Frame Case

Applicable Part Numbers: 4145T54G13, 4145T54G14

ATA: 72-31-01

StandardAero is offering overhaul of the Front Frame Case per engine manual section 72-31-01:

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 001 – VG Support Lug Bushing Replacement
  • Repair 002 – Tie Rod Support Lug Bushing Replacement
  • Repair 003 – Weld Repair
  • Repair 005 – Thermal Spray Diameter E
  • Repair 006 – Weld Repair VG Support Lug

Note: P/N 4145T54G13 is reworked to a 4145T54G14 per service bulletin 72-0055. The rework is accomplished at the module assembly level by installing new preformed packings (o-rings).

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