CF6-80C2 Low Pressure Turbine Stator Case

Applicable Part Numbers: 1336M99G01, 1336M99G02, 1336M99G03, 1336M99G04, 1336M99G06, 1336M99G07, 1336M99G08, 1336M99G09, 1336M99G10, 1336M99G12, 1336M99G13, 1336M99G15, 1647M68G05, 1647M68G08, 1647M68G09, 1647M68G15, 1647M68G18, 1713M73G01, 1713M73G02, 1713M73G05, 2083M94G01

ATA: 72-56-01

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 001: Thermal Spray Buildup of the Support Rings
  • Repair 002: Weld Repair of the Case Body
  • Repair 004: Replacement of Nozzle Lock Pin
  • Repair 007: Dimensional Restoration of the Forward and Aft Flanges
  • S/B 72-1171: Installation of Stage 5 Skin Doubler Pads
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