GE90-94B Diffuser

Applicable Part Numbers: 1686M93P11, 1686M93P16, 1686M93P18, 1686M93P15, 1686M93P17

ATA: 72-41-02

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 001: Thermal Spray Repair of the OGV Outer Interface Rabbet and the W Seal Interface Wear Coating
  • Repair 002: Mid Flange Repair
  • Repair 004: Repair of Fretting on the Diffuser Outlet Guide Vane Inner Interface Rabbet Diameter F
  • Repair 010: Aft Inner Flange Bolt Holes Cracks and/or Corrosion Weld Repair
  • Repair 011: Thermal Spray Repair of Diameter A, Diameter B, and Diameter C
  • Repair 012: Repair of Corrosion and Fretting in the Aft Flange Aft Face
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