PW2000 Diffuser Support Assembly

Applicable Part Numbers: 8A2771, 8A1882, 8A3005, 8A2600

ATA: 72-53-07

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 001: Repair By Blending
  • Repair 002: Repair By Clinch Nut Replacement
  • Repair 004: Repair Wear Or Corrosion On The Outer Diameter By Weld Build Up
  • Repair 005: Repair By Replacing Locating Pin
  • Repair 006: Plasma Spray Inner Snap Diameter Repair
  • Repair 007: Repair The Inner Snap Diameter By Plasma Coat
  • Repair 008: Plasma Spray Rear Snap Diameter Repair
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