PW2000 HPC Ninth Stage Synchronizing Ring Assembly, Pins, and Pin Stops

Applicable Part Numbers: 1B0614, 1B1049, 1B1588, 1B3696, 1A6733, 1B8523, 1B0614-001, 1B1151, 1B1588-001, 1B4062, 1B1577

ATA: 72-35-48

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 002: Add Bushings to Ring, Clevis, and Plate Pin Holes
  • Repair 003: Repair Runners
  • Repair 004: Replace Damaged or Loose Helical Coil Inserts
  • Repair 006: Replace Helical Coil Inserts With Double Inserts For Segments With Thread Damage In Insert Holes
  • Repair 010: Repair Clevis and Plate Dowel Hole By Bushing
  • Repair 011: Bushing Repair of Ring Runner Dowel Holes
  • Repair 012: Repair Pin Holes with Bushings
  • Repair 013: Repair Clevis or Plate Holes with Bushings
  • Repair 014: Put Back Synchronizing Ring Set after you have repaired the pin holes with bushings
  • Repair 015: Repair Helical Coil Inserts
  • Repair 016: Blend Broken Inner Castellations
  • Repair 017: Replace Clevis Hole Bushings
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