V2500-A1A5 HPC Stage 3-8 Compressor Drum

Applicable Part Numbers: 6A3508, 6A3648, 6A3934, 6A3936, 6A4189, 6A4900, 6A5467, 6A5592, 6A5594, 6A5659, 6A6473, 6A7379, 6A7380, 6A7382, 6A7383, 6A7384, 6A7385, 6A7401, 6A7705, 6A8236, 6A8316, 6A8318, 6A8350, 6B1379, 6B1380, 6B1381, 6B1382, 6B1383, 6B1384, 6B1385, 6B1386, 6B1387, 6B1391, 6B1392, 6B1393, 6B1401, 6B1401, 6B1403, 6B1405, 6B1406

ATA: 72-41-11

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 001: Blend Repair on the Curvic Teeth
  • Repair 003: Blend Repair
  • Repair 004: Blend Repair on the Seal Fins
  • Repair 008: Blend Repair on the Curvic Coupling Seal
  • Repair 011: Replace the Damaged Shank Nuts
  • Repair 012: Blend Repair the Diaphragm Bores by Material Removal
  • Repair 013: Repair the Damaged Seal Fins by Removal
  • Repair 014: Repair the Stage 8 Location Diameter by Metal Spray
  • Repair 017: Restore The Stage 3 To 5 Anti-Fret Treatment
  • Repair 022: Blend Repair On The Stages 6 To 8 Wire Seal Grooves
  • Repair 023: Blend Repair To The Stages 3 To 5 Retaining Slots
  • Repair 025: Blend Repair Damaged Wire Seal Slots
  • SB 72-0035: Apply Dry Film Lubricant, Rework-001
  • SB 72-0161: Machine The Grooves For The Wire Seals
  • SB 72-0304: Machine The Grooves For The Revised L-Shaped Wire Seals
  • SB 72-0606: Replacement Of Silver Plated Shank Nuts
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