V2500-A1A5 HPC Stage 4 Variable Inlet Guide Vane Shroud

Applicable Part Numbers: 6A3469, 6B1175, 6A7561, 6A3464

ATA: 72-41-33

  • Clean, NDT and inspect
  • Repair 001(VRS6106): Repair surface damage on VIGV Inner Shroud
  • Repair 005 (VRS6108): Repair the Surface Damage on the HP compressor Stage 4 Inner Shroud
  • Repair 007 (VRS6039): Repair the Stage 4 Half Shroud Assembly, replace the Lining.
  • Repair 018 (VRS6631): Repair Worn/Damaged Bush Location Holes in the HP Compressor VIGV Stages 3, 4 and 5 Inner Shroud Ring assemblies, by the Installation of Oversize Bushings
  • Repair 023 (VRS6677): Replace the Dowel Pins on the HP compressor stage 4 Inner Shroud.
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