V2500-D5 Scavenge Oil Pump Housing

Applicable Part Numbers: 4B2216, 4B2289

ATA: 72-60-26

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 006: Blend Repair of Surface
  • Repair 007: Repair Surface Protection
  • Repair 008: Replace Damaged or Loose Inserts
  • Repair 009: Replace Damaged Inserts
  • Repair 013: Repair the Scavenge Oil Pump Bore by Bushing
  • Repair 015: Repair the Scavenge Oil Housing Sleeve Bore by Bushing
  • Repair 016: Repair the MCD Housing Seat by Threaded Insert
  • Repair 012: Nickel Plate the Piloting Diameter of the Oil Housing
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