V2500 Stage 1 HPT Support Assembly

Applicable Part Numbers: 2A4027, 2A2703, 2A1358, 2A2704, 2A3327, 2A3327-001, 2A3328, 2A4085, 2A1664, 2A3367, 2A1293, 2A3360, 2A3895, 2A3896, 2A4026, 2A4084

ATA: 72-44-10

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 002: Replace the Nuts
  • Repair 003: Blend Repair
  • Repair 006: Unplug the Metering Holes
  • Repair 007: Plasma Spray Repair the Outside Diameter Bolt Flange Rear Snap Diameter
  • Repair 008: Plasma Spray the Outside Diameter Bolt Flange Front Snap Diameter
  • Repair 018: Plasma Coat the Rear Inner Flange
  • Repair 019: Weld Repair of Inner Wall/Flange Fretting
  • Repair 020: Weld Repair
  • Repair 022: Blend and Polish the Front Flange Holes
  • Repair 024: Weld Repair
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