Honeywell Engine Programs

Honeywell Aerospace of Phoenix, Ariz., has been producing aero engines for nearly half a century. The company has specialized in efficient and reliable turbofan engines utilized on medium-size, high-utilization regional passenger and cargo aircraft. It also produces popular turboprop engines and the T55 turboshaft family utilized on the CH-47 Chinook heavy lift helicopter flown by the U.S. Army and allied forces. In addition, Honeywell manufactures auxiliary power units (APUs), ranging from the RE220 and 36-150 models for small aircraft to the 131 and 85 Series for large commercial jetliners.

StandardAero Components is an authorized Honeywell component supplier with expertise in the ALF 502/507 turbofan engine family, the TFE 731 geared turbofan engine for business jets, the TPE 331 turboprop engine, the T55 turboshaft engine series, and the RE220, 36-150, 85 and 131-9 series of APUs.