F108 Spinner Front Cone

Applicable Part Numbers: 305-484-601-0

ATA: 72-21-05

  • Clean, NDT, Inspect
  • Repair 014: Repair of Surface Defects of Sulfuric Anodizing, of Anti-Erosion Paint and of White Spiral mark on the Spinner Front Cone
    • Type 1: Touch Alodine and paint
    • Type 2: Local blending, touch alodine and paint
    • Type 3: Strip anodize & re-anodize and paint
  • Repair 016: Repair of the locating Diameter on the Spinner Front Cone by Plasma Spraying
  • Repair 026: Replacement of the Defective Swaged-Self Locking Inserts on the Spinner Front Cone
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