Engine: CFM56-7B

ATA Code: xx:

Part #: 1561M26G05

Repair #Description
001 QUOTE Dome Weld/Resizing
002 QUOTE Dome Primary
003 QUOTE Dome Antirotation
004 QUOTE Dome Deflector
006 QUOTE Dome Apply TBC
008 QUOTE Dome Primary
009 QUOTE Dome Plug/Drill
010 QUOTE Dome Sleeve and
012 Dome Secondary
REP QUOTE Dome Primary
REP QUOTE Thick Flange Swirlers Outside
REP QUOTE Dome Weld/Resizing
C&I IC - Clean & Inspect
001 Weld Repair and Resizing of Bolted Combustor Chamber Dome
002 Primary Swirler Nozzle Repair / Replacement
003 Repair of the Primary Swirler Nozzle Antirotation Tang
005 Removal of the Thermal Barrier Coating
006 Application of the Thermal Barrier Coating
007 Replacement of the Secondary Nozzle Flange
008 Replacement of the primary nozzle retainer
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